Incubator Controller


In order to control our incubators we needed to have a device that could maintain the temperature with a heater, tilt the eggs every few hours, and display it's current status. We looked and looked but could not find the device that do the task we wanted it to do, and those that came close were way to expensive. So we went to Pricom Design and they made us a gadget that did everything we wanted. We simply called this device "The Incubator Controller". Since then the "Incubator Controller" has become our standard, it has done the job perfectly, and it has never failed.


The "Incubator Controller" is nifty little gadget, we use it to controller our incubators (hence the name "Incubator Controller"). Made by Pricom Design the controller manages what goes on inside an incubator. Data is shown on a diplay at the top of the controller, we will talk about what each line represents.

Sensor A,B,C- The controller handles three temperature sensors located through out the incubator which tell the controller what the current temperature is in the area they are located.


Average Temp.- This is a simple calculation that the controller makes, when this number reaches a certain value the controller triggers the heater to turn on and vice verca.


Heater State- This simply states if the Heater is ON or OFF.


Tilter Position- Every 3 Hours the controller is set to tilt the eggs this area tells you if the tilter is UP or DOWN.


Minets to Tilt- This field displays how much longer until the controller will tilt the eggs to the next position.

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Item #
Incubator Controller Basic
Incubator Controller Advanced
Incubator Controller Supreme


Package Desciptions

Incubator Controller Basic- Comes with just the Controller and a power cord.

Incubator Controller Advanced- Comes with Controller, power cord, one sensor, and sensor cord.

Incubator Controller Supreme- Comes with Controller, power cord, three sensors, sensor cords, and "Three S Farm incubator plans".