About Three S Farm
How we got started
Three S Farm started in the spring of 2005 with sixteen baby chicks, a small amount of cash, and a vision of becoming a big producer of eggs and baby chickens. During the beginning we faced many obstacles, sickness and death are just a few of the many challenges we had to deal with. Then midway through the summer our work finally paid off, one of our pullets laid her first egg, and the rest of the laying flock soon followed. Since then an average of 95% of our laying flock lays an egg every twenty-four hours. In the future we expect to add turkeys and cattle to our list of livestock
About the Founder

Steven Scheffler started to grow farm goods like corn, cucumbers, and green beans when he was just eight years old. Over the years he has developed a good understanding about farming, and finally gets to demonstrate his skills as he leads Three S Farm into the future.




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