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Baby Chickens For Sale in the Colorado Springs Area

Are you looking for some local chicken breeders but cant find any in the Colorado Springs area. Or the hatching season has ended for the major breeders. Well thanks to Three S Farm you may purchase our baby chicks all year round. Our breeding stock has won numerous awards at fairs including Grand Champion. The females chicks will start to lay eggs around 4-5 months of age. When in full production she will lay an egg every 24-36 hours. The eggs will usually be a light brown color although the special Ameraucana breed will lay green colored ones. The males have been bred to achieve better results at competitions, and to produce delicious meat at butchering age. And to save even more money check out our "Special Deals and Packages" section located on the left.



Baby chicks are here and you have 3 breeds to choose from, Black Australorp, Barred Rock, and Rhode Island Reds. Selling for $5 each. Call or E-mail to put yours on hold and to schedule an appointment.

Please check below to check availability of chicks.

Available Chicks


Mature Chickens Are Available


We now have mature point of lay pullets available. These chickens are about 3 months old and will lay within the next month or two. Click on the mature laying flock link on the left to see what breeds are available.


Ordering From Three S Farm

Ordering chickens from Three S Farm is very simple. Detailed on our web site is information regarding certain "Deals and Packages". If you have any questions please E-mail us. Also you may research the different breeds of chickens we have to offer. Then once you make your decision on if you want to buy you should contact us and if you are looking for baby chickens and live in the Colorado Springs area you may schedule an appointment to drop by and purchase some chicks personally.

Thanks for taking the time to look at us and we hope you make the choice of buying from Three S Farm.


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